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New Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide

The published cost for the Haddock/Muller book, Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide on page 37 of the May-June 2017 issue of the Jaguar Journal incorrectly shows a list price of $85 plus shipping. The actual cost is $95 plus shipping and that is the amount shown in the JCNA Shoppe section on JCNA website.

This error occurred in the rush to meet Jaguar Journal publication deadlines before the special JCNA discount and shipping / handling costs were know and we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this causes you.

Please understand you are still getting a tremendous deal for $95!

Best Regards,

Les & Jack

JCNA has a new Jaguar E-Type book available.   This book is VERY detailed as explained below.   Any JCNA member interested should order a copy ASAP from the Jaguar Book section of the JCNA Shoppe.  There is an initial limited supply so don’t wait if you are interested.

Thanks, Les & Jack

JAGUAR E-Type Six Cylinder Originality Guide by Haddock/Mueller

This is the continued work of Dr. Haddock who has two previous editions of the E-Type Originality guide in circulation. Previous editions of his work escalated in price once out of print. This work is simply the first two works on steroids. It is granular in detail down to the correct original wheel weights, minor casting changes, hidden identification numbers and factory markings. We are quite sure some of these documented changes were not realized even by the maker.

Special price of $95.00 for JCNA members and $125.00 for non-members.

Holy Crap, this is quite a collection!


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