Scenic Drive to the Arapahoe Community College Show

Jaguar Colorado Springs will be attending the Arapahoe Community College Car Show and Tim Hall, of Jaguar Colorado Springs, will be making the drive to ACC via Woodland Park. This will be a spectacular drive!!! Details below:

If you would like to join me (Tim) on the drive to Arapahoe CC let me know.

The scenic drive will be leaving from Woodland Park around 6 in the AM. It will be a spirited and exuberant drive through the beautiful roads up 67 and on to Pine Junction.

A glorious and deserving Jaguar road if there ever was one. Please note, if you have a convertible rules dictate that the top shall be down. Ok fine it’s not so much a rule as a guideline.

But, I will say bad things about your car if the top is up.

We will meet at Starbucks in front of Walmart at 5:45.

I cannot express what a great and glorious drive it is at that time of morning.