Show Your Jag at National Honor Society’s Fundraiser at Rampart HS

From: DONALD Yowell
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 8:44 AM

Hagerty Insurance incorporated a Youth Judging opportunity at the September 6 Pikes Peak Concours d’Elegance. This event generated enough interest that a Rampart High School and National Honor Society student would like some involvement from our Club.

Please review this request and see if you would be interested and have the time to participate in this fundraiser for the National Honor Society. The event is on September 28. If you are able and interested, please feel free to contact the student directly but please also let me know so I’ll have a record of your participation for the club.

Attached to the request is a copy of the original Pikes Peak Concours d’Elegance information memo.

Thanks for your consideration.


From: Andrew Bodlak
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2014 20:21

In regards to the National Honor Society’s fundraiser at Rampart …

The fundraiser is on September 28th, in Rampart High School’s parking lot. NHS is hosting a car wash which is open to the public in the parking lot. In compliment to that, we will have an ice cream cart, cotton candy cart, and barbeque truck selling food. Hopefully, we will be able to get the “Red Herring” murder mystery group to come act, as well as have some other carnival-type entertainment.

I have a few reasons to think showing Jaguars would be ideal for this event. Of course, Jaguar cars fit well with the theme of a car washing fundraiser. Also, there will be many high school students volunteering there, which presents the perfect opportunity to spark interest in a young audience about classic cars. Once they get off of their volunteering shift, they could look at the cars and learn something about the art of keeping/maintaining classics. More so, we obviously need attractions for this fair, and Jaguars would undoubtedly bring a crowd. However, this is another opportunity to share the classics with the general public, in an already busy environment (we could provide some sort of gate, tape, or volunteers to make sure people do not crowd in near proximity to the cars, but rather at a safe distance).

I hope you consider bringing your club to this fundraiser, as I believe we could both benefit from your being there. Overall, I would like to thank you for your time, both in reading this email and running this club. I think it is a great idea to connect younger generations with classic cars!

Thank You

Andrew Bodlak
NHS Officer