2015 JCNA AGM Trip Report

SW Regional Directors Jack Humphrey and Doug Dechant attended the JCNA Annual General Meeting in Philadelphia last weekend. They wanted you to have see some of the highlights of what was decided. In due course, the minutes will be posted on the JCNA website and club members will be notified when they are available. Results are listed here by agenda item.

UB-3a – 1st Place Ties in NA Standings – Motion Withdrew. Concours Committee assigned task of developing new plan for judging cars competitive at the national level.

UB-3b – Golden Growler Award – Motion Withdrew. Concours Committee assigned task of developing new plan for judging cars competitive at the national level.

UB-3c – Consolidation of Certain Classes – Passed. Currently there are 45 classes including Champion,

Special and Driven. The proposal is to eliminate 9 classes. The Concours Committee is finalizing the numbering convention for the new classes. As an example, all prewar cars will be in one class. Large and Small saloons of the 50’s and early 60’s will be combined. The final proposal will be reviewed by both the JCRC and Concours Committees. See table in the following two PDF files.

UB-3d – Entrant Numbers & Score Entries – No vote required.

UB-3e – Judges Rule Book Proposed Changes – All proposals passed, to include the requirement, beginning in 2015, for all judges for Champion, Driven and Special Divisions to hold current JCNA judging certifications. The only exception is for events where separate OV teams are used – only one certified judge per OV team is required.

BoD 1 – Honorary Life Membership for Michael H. Dale / Change name of Dealer of the Year Award to the “Michael H. Dale Jaguar Dealer of the Year Award” – Approved by the BoD.

BoD 2 – Creation of the Jaguar Club of Southwest Florida, Inc. – Approved by the BoD.

BoD 3 – Scheduling Slalom & Rally Events – Passed. Currently there is no requirement for posting slalom events ahead of time. The Concours has such a rule. Motion passed to have slalom events posted on the JCNA calendar 30 days ahead of time.

AP1 – A-100-105 Changes to the Procedure for Hearing on Revocation of Membership – Approved by the BoD.

AP2 – A-0100-106a Procedure for Member Group Revocation – Approved by the BoD.

NB-1a – Article IV, Section 2, 2nd Paragraph – Change to Submittal Deadline Date – Approved by the BoD.

NB-1b – Article IV, Section 2, 2nd Paragraph – Change to Submittal of Agenda Item Procedures – Approved by the BoD.

CP-1 – CP 600-104 Disclosure of Information – Change to Policy Wording – Approved, as amended, by the BoD. Names, addresses, email, telephone numbers, or other electronic accounts are considered privileged and will not be made available with the following exception: Functional areas in JCNA which need access to information in order to fulfill the function of that area are authorized access to the information.

NB-1a – Article IV, Section 2, 2nd Paragraph – Change to Submittal Deadline Date – Passed. All proposals to be presented at an AGM must be submitted to the JCNA Secretary at least sixty (60) days – Changed to 45 days prior to that AGM.

NB-1b – Article IV, Section 2, 2nd Paragraph – Change to Agenda Item Submittal Process – Passed. The secretary has the option to submit any proposed AGM Agenda item to the JCNA Executive Committee, JCNA Board of Directors, Regional Directors or the appropriate committee for their approval or review before an item gets put on the AGM Agenda.

NB-1c – Article VI, Section 1, RE: Life Member – Changes to Wording – Passed.

NB-1d – Powers & Duties of the Vice President – Changes to Wording – Passed. There are several places in the bylaws, administrative policies and corporate policies that refer to the duties of the vice president and they are all in conflict. The bylaws are the most descriptive. Proposal to delete the administrative and corporate policies references to the vice president.

NB-1e – Inability of the Vice President to Perform Duties – Approve Policy – Passed. Proposal to have the Elected Officer of the Executive Committee move up to replace VP and board would select new member for executive committee

NB-2a Administrative Item – Keeping Club Addresses Current – Please Keep your club and officer contact information up to date.

NB-2b Administrative Item – Club/JCNA Membership – Reminder to Club Presidents that all club members MUST also be JCNA members in good standing.

NB-2c Administrative Item – Membership Renewals – DO NOT CHANGE THE ROSTER FORMAT and submit required information by the published suspense. For 2016 the February 15th deadline will be adhered to. If rosters and dues are not received by February 15th, 2016, those clubs will NOT be in good standing and will not be able to vote at the AGM.

NB-3a – Obtaining Concours Sanctions – Changes to Policy – Passed. The Sanction request via the JCNA Website affirms that the Concours Chairman, Chief Judge, and Officers of the club shall conduct and report the Concours in accordance with the official JCNA rules and regulations

NB-3b – 2015 Rule Book Updates – All Passed. There were seventeen JCRC Rule Book Proposals. Most were administrative. The biggest change is that all clubs must have all certified judges before their Concours will be sanctioned.

NB-5 – Addition of Tire & Wheel Guide – Passed.

NB-6 – Proposal to Offer Active Military Dues Discount – Referred back to Membership Committee for further evaluation.

NB-7 – Western States – Challenge Championship Name Change – Passed. Effective 2016, Western States Meet & Challenge Championship names are changed to International Jaguar Festival and all events will have equal status regardless of venue location. This new name is dependent on copyright approval of Jaguar Land Rover NA and there may be further discussions about changing the name again after 2016. More to follow on all of that.

Other business / Items of Note.

– Doug Dechant is now official as a Regional Director.

– The Jaguar Club of Central Arizona has graciously agreed to host the 2016 Annual General Meeting and 1st International Jaguar Festival March 30th – April 6th in Scottsdale, Arizona. Get this on your calendar now and let’s have a big showing for both events.

– Please consider hosting the 2017 Annual General Meeting and/or the 2nd International Jaguar Festival (or whatever it will be called by the) and let’s keep these events in the West. Most any club can plan and conduct these type of events with two years of planning time and the next festival does not have to be in the eastern US.

– Most, but not all, clubs show a significant decline in membership for this year and I suspect it is because many old memberships have not been renewed and submitted. Please get on this if applicable.

– The new JCNA website was previewed at the AGM. It is almost ready and should be rolled out very soon.

In closing, we want to thank the clubs who sent delegates to the AGM. Having club representatives present is truly the best way to make your issues heard. Plan now on who you will send next year.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or if you need additional information.

Best Regards,

Jack Humphrey & Doug Dechant