JCSC Event Calendar

2018 Event Calendar

11 Board Meeting
17 Dinner at Fargo’s
20 Ghost Town Museum and lunch

8 Board Meeting
14 First Quarterly Membership Business Meeting and Dinner – Jack Quinn’s Pub
21 Mining Museum and lunch at Bourbon Brothers

8 Board Meeting
10 The Center for American Value in Pueblo and Dinner
14 Club Dinner at Navajo Hogan
17 St Patrick’s Day Parade
23-25 JCNA Annual General Meeting in San Antonio TX

4 Denver Auto Show (Informational)
12 Board Meeting
14 Getting your Jaguar ready for summer- seminar and lunch at Panino’s on south 8th St
21 RMJC Judges School
26 Dinner at Tap Traders (Alexander Film CO)

5 First Saturday Car Show
10 Board Meeting
12 JCSC Judges Training
19 RMJC Judges School
23 Second Membership Meeting – Jack Quinn’s Pub
26 Canon City Prison Museum Dinner at Big Daddy’s Diner

2 First Saturday Car Show
2 RMJC Spring Dust Off
10 Ability Connections Arapahoe Community College (Colorado Concours)
14 Board Meeting
16 Wings Over the Rockies and Dinner in Castle Rock
21 Club Dinner at Reincarnation
23 RMJC Concours
30 JCSC Judges Training (makeup)

7 First Saturday Car Show
12 Board Meeting
14 Rambler Ranch
21 Picnic at Rory and Emily Andrykowski
28 WarBird Auto Classic

4 First Saturday Car Show
11 Front Range War Birds & Auto Show
11 Concours New Mexico Jaguar Club in Santa Fe
19 Forney Museum in Denver
19 RMJC Slalom
23 Club Dinner Jack Quinn’s pub

1 First Saturday Car Show -hosts JCSC and LBG
13 Board Meeting
15 Ride of the Rockies
16 British Car Conclave in Arvada
19 Club Dinner
23 Drive to Bishop’s Castle and hopefully Aspen tree viewing
30 JCSC Concours and British Motoring Festival

6 First Saturday Car Show (last for season)
11 Board Meeting
20 Golden RR Museum and Dinner in Morrison
25 Club Dinner

10/31-11/4 International Jaguar Show Santa Barbara
10 WW2 Aviation Museum and Airplane Restaurant
14 Membership Dinner Jack Quinn’s Pub

8 Christmas Party
13 Board Meeting
15 RMJC Holiday Party

Event dates or places are subject to change.
All changes will be posted on our website, Facebook page and emailed to all members.