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James Hull’s 500-plus car collection now belongs to Jaguar Special Operations!

Remember our post: Vroom with a view: Dentist selling 450 classic vehicles for £100 MILLION? James Hull’s 500-plus car collection now belongs to Jaguar Special Operations!

Read AUTOWEEK’s report on Jaguar’s mega-purchase here. I want to know if the planes go with the cars.

To read our post summarizing the Daily Mail’s article, type James Hull into the search box.

Read that original Daily Mail article here.

NAP – Best Kept Reading Secret

National Academies Press (NAP) is a treasure trove for anyone reading for fun or for facts. There is quite literally something for everyone, subscriptions are free and so are most of the publications if you download them as a PDF.

Check it out at and secure your reading material for the winter. Augments your local library, good as that is, with topic focused, serious reports on practically everything, including autos.

San Diego Jaguar Club 51st Annual Concour d’Elegance

The San Diego Jaguar Club has added a new event to the JCNA online Calendar

Date: 2015-07-19 to 2015-07-19
Type: Concours
Name: 51st Annual Concour d\’Elegance
Santioned: P
Location: Spanish Landing Park West, San Diego CA
Chair: Dan Jensen, 619/742-9540
Chief Judge : Paul Novak, 760 7892510

Additional information on this event can be found in the JCNA Online Calendar: JCNA Online Calendar

Old Bumper Cars Morphed Street Legal

Where Did Old Bumper Cars Go?

The ones in amusement parks back in the 20s thru to the 50s ran on electricity. They had a pole on the back going to a metal electrically charged overhead plate. Do you remember driving bumper cars at amusement parks or fair rides?

They were so much fun, and they are back! These little beasties are street legal.

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