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2015 Beaver Creek International Auto Festival

My name is Megan Meier. I am the event organizer for the 2015 Beaver Creek International Auto Festival.

I am writing today to cordially invite JCSC club members to be a part of our event, currently in its second year. We have expanded the event to include all luxury models, no longer just German automobiles.

I am hoping to spread the word and I hope that your members will use this discount code to join us September 18-20, 2015. This is good for 20% all registrations.

Register for the Beaver Creek International Auto Festival here

Discount code: BCIAF20

(This excludes the Sunday brunch and the auto festival polo.)

For further information, please visit, Lodging deals to be finalized soon.

All the best and we hope to see you in September!



Megan Meier

Special Events Manager | Beaver Creek Resort Company
(970) 845.5294

Jaguar Racing F-Type to Climb PPIHC

Jaguar_PPIHC_Racer_smIt is here specifically for the hill climb. They have been using our shop for the last few days and have offered to leave it here for display on Friday and Saturday.

Jaguar Land Rover Colorado Springs

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this cat at:

Monday, June 22 (Technical Inspection)
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Technical Inspection (World Arena Colorado Springs)

Friday, June 26 (Practice/Qualifying Day 3)
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ^Speed Week Activity: Air Strip Attack (Colorado Springs Airport)^ (
5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. – Fan Fest, downtown Colorado Springs- Open to the general public

Concours & Ride Events for June ~ August

The Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club Peak 9 Concours d’Elegance is June 26, 27 and 28th in Breckenridge.   For more details and registration: go to or contact your Concours Chair Cyndi Mumm 303.805.1644 -or- Frank Sullivan 970-460-0307

The Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado is planning to hold a drive to Cripple Creek on Sunday, July 12, 2015.   Details will be sent to members shortly.

The JCSC  will also be holding a drive to the Guffey area on Sunday, August 23, 2015.   Details of this drive are available on our website  We will email updates on this drive as we get closer to the date of that event.

If you are interested in participating in the above JCSC events, please RSVP to or to any JCSC Board member so we can begin firming up plans.   The RSVP cutoff date for the July 12 Cripple Creek drive will be July 5 and for the August 23 Guffey drive will be August 16, 2015.


Scenic Drive to the Arapahoe Community College Show

Jaguar Colorado Springs will be attending the Arapahoe Community College Car Show and Tim Hall, of Jaguar Colorado Springs, will be making the drive to ACC via Woodland Park. This will be a spectacular drive!!! Details below:

If you would like to join me (Tim) on the drive to Arapahoe CC let me know.

The scenic drive will be leaving from Woodland Park around 6 in the AM. It will be a spirited and exuberant drive through the beautiful roads up 67 and on to Pine Junction.

A glorious and deserving Jaguar road if there ever was one. Please note, if you have a convertible rules dictate that the top shall be down. Ok fine it’s not so much a rule as a guideline.

But, I will say bad things about your car if the top is up.

We will meet at Starbucks in front of Walmart at 5:45.

I cannot express what a great and glorious drive it is at that time of morning.