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WW1 Vehicles – 100 Years Later!

Old Steam Powered Vehicles

At the end you will be able to opt for several other videos of antique vehicles. Jay Leno will show you the workings of a 1906 steam tractor. You can also see a 1914 Fire truck video after that. The videos are all short, but quite interesting.

Watch the driver steer as he gets around the first turn. We’ve come a long way!

2015 Rule Book

The 2015 Rule Book is now ready. About 50% of the pages have been updated. You may download each chapter from the web site, but printing it double sided may not be easy. It may be best to order copies from the JCNA web site, where you will receive double-sided, 3-hole punched copies ready to put in your rule book binder.

The Judge’s Test is not included as it is still being updated. You will be notified as soon as it is available.

If you would like to have a Word version of only the new classes for use when you print your local concours information, they are available on the concours web page. There is a Word version with and without the strikeouts. There is also a pdf verision that includes the strikeouts. Or you can send an email directly to Steve Kennedy, Rule Book Editor, and I will email all three versions to you.

Classic Car Club of America Expands Full Classic Criteria

The Classic Car Club of America will soon change its Full Classic category definition to accept select cars from as early as 1915, its cutoff year currently having been 1925. Initially, its criteria included only cars built from 1925 to 1942 and had been expanded twice, but only for a handful of car lines.

For more, see “Full Classic” definition gets largest expansion in Classic Car Club of America history,  by Daniel Strohl, 8:59 am, here.

Sacramento Jaguar Club Concours

The Sacramento Jaguar Club has added a Concours Event
Date: 2015-09-19 to 2015-09-20
Type: Concours
Name: Wings and Whiskers

Santioned: P
Location: Travis AFB, CA
Chair: Enrique Ugalde, 707 6313613
830 Briarwood Ct.
Fairfield, CA

Co-chair: Andy Banta,

Chief Judge: Andy Banta, (916) 722-4895

Additional information on this event can be found in the JCNA Online Calendar:

Questions for Guest Speaker at AGM

Jaguar Land Rover is going to send a guest speaker to the AGM this year. They have requested questions in advance if possible. This will allow more time to get a better answer. There will be cards to fill out at registration for questions also. If anyone has any questions they would like Jack to ask the speaker, please submit them as soon as possible. You may submit any questions to

Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival

New event added to the JCNA online Calendar

Date: 2015-10-10
Type: Slalom
Name: Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival
Santioned: P
Location: Garnett Industrial Airport, 1202 E. 4th St. KS
Chair: Rick VanTuyl, 816-718-3830
8825 Madison Ave.
Kansas City, Mo. 64114-2915

Co-chair: Jon Mensie
Chief Judge:

Additional information on this event can be found in the JCNA Online Calendar: