Do I want the F-Type? AUTOWEEK Does!

It depends on your hierarchy of hero cars. The F-Type lacks the polish and, by extension, the sophistication of a 911 or R8. It lacks the cachet of a Ferrari California T, and in certain respects, it’s less comfortable than any of them.

On the other hand, the F-Type is substantially less expensive than any of those, which by definition makes it more accessible. It’s arguably the purest car among its Euro competitors, and it’s no slouch in any respect.

If excitement and craft are important in your hierarchy, then you won’t go wrong. If you’re looking for that in a package that is both gorgeous and reasonably priced by up-front and operating costs, you want it.

The F-Type manual is an increasingly rare creature among thoroughbred sports cars.

P. Vettraino – Senior Editor At Large, has written for Autoweek since 1990.