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WW II Era Spitfire Barn Find Spitfire that just sold for £1.5M

Spitfire that saw in action in WW2 before starring in 1969 film Battle of Britain to be sold for £1.5m after spending 40 years in a Texas barn


  • World War Two fighter starred in two major movies in the 1960s
  • The aircraft’s owner Wilson ‘Connie’ Edwards flew stunts in both movies
  • He took the aircraft as payment and brought it home to Texas
  • The £1.5 million aircraft was last flown in 1973 and spent 40 years in a barn
  • Fully restored, the aircraft which first flew in 1943 could be worth £4 million

By Darren Boyle
Published in Mail Online by Associated Newspapers Ltd., Part of the Daily Mail
Published: 11:25 EST, 13 July 2014 | Updated: 11:48 EST, 13 July 2014

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Jagquar Foundation Opening Two New Museums

Recently established Jaguar Foundation has been created by passionate Jaguar people who donate their time, resources, and services with the goal of better serving the Jaguar Heritage and preserving the marque for future generations. We aim to leave a legacy for our children’s children.

The foundation is anticipating opening two museums, one for each coast, where Jaguar cars, books, memorabilia, and related material will be housed and viewed by the public. We are requesting that JCNA members donate any classic Jaguar related items they can to help form these new museums. Continue reading

NAP – Best Kept Reading Secret

National Academies Press (NAP) is a treasure trove for anyone reading for fun or for facts. There is quite literally something for everyone, subscriptions are free and so are most of the publications if you download them as a PDF.

Check it out at and secure your reading material for the winter. Augments your local library, good as that is, with topic focused, serious reports on practically everything, including autos.

Searchable History of Motor Sports

Holy cats, Jag lovers! Motor Sport Magazine has a searchable archive that covers the entire history of motor sport from 1924 to 2013. Amazingly, you don’t have to be a Motor Sports Magazine subscriber to read these articles. THANK YOU MOTOR SPORTS MAGAZINE !!!

Every page has been scanned and digitized, each article tagged and extracted so that you can search the whole archive by content, keyword, topic, location, and date. Check it out at

For example, I just found a letter in the July 1969 issue that talks about the XK not being fitted with the Jaguar Mascot.

Thanks to the Jaguar Club of Central Arizona’s newsletter and for Jack Humphrey for pointing us to this site. Of course, thanks to Motor Sports Magazine for making this available. What a great resource!