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Take 30% Off Jaguar Brand Merchandise

Use this promo code at the official Jaguar online shop. As enthusiasts of the brand we are pleased to offer you 30% off your order at checkout.

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This promo code will run for a limited time through the end of March and we will continue to restock the website with new product throughout the month as we are in the process of launching the 2018 Collection.

For wholesale opportunities you may reach out to me directly and we can discuss in further detail on a case by case basis.

Christian Guthrie
Branded Goods Senior Specialist

T: +1 201 818 8448
C: +1 201 995 4423

Who Does Seats?

Can anybody help Brian?

> Begin forwarded message:
> From: “b.w.miller”
> Subject: Spitfire Seat Restoration.
> Date: January 27, 2018 at 4:29:53 PM MST
> To:
> I’m still looking for a local place that will re-foam and re-cover the seats in my spitfire. I was talking to a gentleman last year with a blue spitfire that got both his seats redone for $300 that somebody was restoring seats out of their garage, but I can’t remember either persons name. I don’t know of anybody in the club that can recommend someone in town that can restore seats for under $500. Thank you!

Timeless machine: This is the first new Jaguar XKSS built since 1957

Wouldn’t it be great to have one of these built with updated materials and technology?

Thanks for the article, AUTOWEEK.

Timeless machine: This is the first new Jaguar XKSS built since 1957